Q & A with former Tranmere Rovers striker Enoch Showunmi.

What is your after football career like and do you miss being a footballer?

After football is going well I live in Miami I’m involved in different projects out here and I’m enjoying the different challenges that life after football brings! Football is my passion so I miss playing for sure but I don’t think I’d ever miss a preseason training camp.

How would you rate your two years at Tranmere Rovers?


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I enjoyed my time at Tranmere, if they offered me another contract I most likely would’ve stayed! My first year I was top scorer won player of the season and NW League One player of the year, so it was nothing but positives. The second year didn’t go as planned but I broke my leg three times and every time was rushed back to playing.  Embed from Getty Images When I left I still had a lot to offer Tranmere on and off the field but they decided to go a different direction. At the time I thought I’d stay there a few years I was that comfortable there.

How would you say the club are now at this present time?

As I see things it was unfortunate Tranmere dropped out of football league and probably should’ve never been in that position. However there’s no point in looking back and the main thing is to build on last season and go one better.

Do you look out for Tranmere even though you are the other side of the world?

imageI look out for Tranmere’s results on a regular basis. There wasn’t always positives but I enjoyed my time overall.

What do you think Tranmere will do in the upcoming seasoning their second year in the national league?

Tranmere hopefully can go one better! And if they ever need a striker I’m only 35 and still in good condition. They just have to make the call!

I would like to thank Enoch for his time for the this feature, and wish him all the best with his after football career, if that return to Rovers doesn’t materialise.


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