Newspapers and their websites: What are the differences in the two?

Newspapers such as the Daily Mail or even a local newspaper like the Liverpool Echo have their own websites as well as selling physical copies of papers every single day, but why is this and what is the difference?

One example is the Huddersfield Examiner. In the paper that people buy it has stories that have been broken in the last day or even feature articles especially in the sport section of it. Whereas on their website as soon as something key happens in the area it will be published on their site with all of the up to date information. Sometimes there is even a live coverage of it so the viewer can follow it live.

In the sport section of the Huddersfield Examiner website, sport dominates the coverage whereas in the newspaper it is more a balancfullsizeoutput_145ed coverage with even more obscure sports getting a mention too, which you would not see on the website because it is not high in demand like the football news is.

One other example of a difference is that on the website it allows you to watch videos in the articles whereas in the newspaper obviously this is not possible.

Sometimes the online websites give the opportunity for ‘click baits’ which basically lead the viewer to read something that they were not intending on doing so.


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