Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram. The way photos can be used, edited and shared on social networks.

A photo being shared can have a lot of impact on the person visualizing it depending on what messages it sends out. This could be because of how it is taken or edited.

Nowadays, picture sharing is up there with the best social media in the world, such as Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram. They all have their own unique way of making sure that a picture has an impact on the person who sees it or sometimes how it can even be found.

Today, mobile phones have extremely good cameras built into them which is why it is so much better and easier for photos to be taken on them, and then with a few clicks of a button it is on social media for the world to see that picture that has been taken seconds ago.

The photo that I have chosen to example this is a picture of me filming a Huddersfield Town training session.

Huddersfield Town training session 02/12/16

The way that a photo can be edited is also a reason people use the likes of Instagram. Once the photo is uploaded, after it has been edited the photo suddenly comes to life whether that is because of a filter or the way it has been sharpened.




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