Audio: Podcasts and a review of ESPN’s Podcast on Football and England in particular.

Podcasting is quite well known today, and one of the most known pod-casting sites is Soundcloud, this allows people to share audio of themselves online for people to listen to.

Soundcloud do offer two types of accounts to their users. One which is free but has some limited ability compared to the paid version which gives you more exclusive access to the content within the audio podcasting site. It allows its users to upload three hours worth of footage to share to their followers.

We were set the task of lsitening to a podcast from ESPN: How One Man’s Bad Math Helped Ruin Decades of English Soccer.

The podcast was good because it broadcast to people the ideas of enthusiasts Joe Sykes and Neil Paine, just on an audio over a website. It allowed people to gain knowledge about the beautiful game from an England perspective and how people believe that England are one of the best at playing football and that the fans of England are ‘deluded’.

It also talks about AFC Wimbledon, was known as Wimbledon. The story of the London based football club and how hated the club was all over the world, with commentary in the background form the voice of football in my opinion John Motson ‘MOTTY’. They talk about the style of play that Wimbledon played years ago which is known as ‘hoof ball’ by football fans today, as the game has changed to a passing game.

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