Twitter – The intranet that turned into an internet site.

Twitter, now one of the worlds most popular social networks in fact used to be only available to a small audience who were the employees of a business. When it was found out that Twitter was actually going to gather the population that it has done since its release to the public.

A lot of people think it is just about sharing what they are doing or saying in just 140 characters, when in actual fact it is now one of the best ways to get news around fast and by that I mean in seconds to hundreds or even more people.

In recent time, Twitter has been improved in different ways which allows people to use Twitter for more things than they have done before. For example there is now the opportunity to put out polls to the public, to get an overall view on a specific topic or question that you would like answering. There is also now Twitter moments which allows users to look at the very popular topics that are being posted on twitter at any present time. So basically a little bit more advanced than hashtags which have been in use since the site opened.

However, due to Twitter being so popular, it is now very difficult for newspaper businesses to sell their news first as it is on twitter quicker than ever and certainly quicker than a newspaper can be printed, which is one of the reasons that a lot of newspapers now have the option for you to view them online which you will get to see news quicker than you would just buying the newspaper.

Overall, Twitter makes it a lot better for people to view news and topics of what is going on in the world, but on the other side of the coin it makes it harder for news outlets to get their news across as it has already been published on twitter.



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