The Kindle app and review on ‘Who Controls Your Facebook Feed’

The kindle app is actually better than what it sounds like, it allows you to do other things as well as read books that you have purchased on the store.



Once I got used to it, the app was easy to work and the interface of it was not too complex. One feature that the app has got is that you can send different articles that you see online to it, for you to read at a later date when you perhaps won’t have connection to the internet which is one good thing about it.


‘Who Controls Your Facebook Feed’

The reading was quite easy to read on the app in a sense that there was more to do than just read it. Like for example if I wanted to I could save bits of the text into the section on the Kindle called ‘My Notebook’ for me to read more into later on.





Apart from that there is also other aspects of reading off a Kindle app as opposed to a book that differentiates. One of these img_2071is that you can chose the way you want to read it and how bright or dark you want the screen.

One thing it different to reading on a website, is that on the kindle app you don’t need to read adverts at the side of the article or even worse, your reading to be interrupted by adverts popping up.











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