How university has started off for me.

For me, making the decision to come to university was one of the biggest and probably most important one in my life. It’s a chance for me to move on and go into the professional world with an eye for goal at the end of the three or four years that I will spend.

img_0331When I arrived on my first day I did not think for one minute that I would be out doing match reports in the first month of the course. Within a week I was sat in the press box at Villa Park, reporting on the match Aston Villa vs Newcastle United. You can see my match report here.

The experience from the pre match hospitality to the press conferences well after full time was mind blowing that this could be what I do in the future for a living.huddersfield_town_f-c

After more lectures and seminars I started my work experience at University of Huddersfield. On just the first day I travelled to Curzon Ashton where the U23’s were playing a cup game against West Bromwich Albion and my task was to compile a match report with quotes from the head coach. You can see my match report  on the HTAFC website.

Although I have experience in the field of match reporting and sports journalism, it has hit me now that it could soon be reality and that is exciting to think.

On the other hand, coming to university comes in a package and that is experience, student life, lectures, seminars and academic reading.

The lectures and seminars have been quite interesting but in order to progress and go towards that degree which is the ultimate aim, you have to do academic reading and that I can be honest and say it has not been my pride and joy. However I do know that the more work I put into my degree, the more I will get out of it and ultimately achieve at the end of it. So reading large amounts of texts that don’t really mean anything to me at the moment will soon become the tool in the box for me achieving what I have wanted to for many years.

You can follow my experience and my journey through the course on Twitter: @ajones_media


One thought on “How university has started off for me.

  1. Hi Aidan,
    Good stuff so far, thanks for the post! You’ve done a nice job with this blog, customising it to really make it look like the site of a professional sports journalist. Adding your Twitter feed in the sidebar is a good touch. The next step for you here is to keep experimenting around with the look of the site, and also paying closer attention to your tags: add a few more to every post for everything you mention (for example, Villa Park, Newcastle United, Curzon Ashton, etc for this one) and it’ll help people find your site when they search for those terms.

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